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[GIG] Summer Camp Employment Opportunities

I’m reaching out because I am directing an all-girls Summer Academy at Mount Holyoke College in the month of July and we are hiring–we’re looking for dynamic female leaders to join the team. This is a slight departure from my theater work–but it’s a great chance to extend these creative leadership arms wide and transform some young lives!  Please forward widely to friends, colleagues, etc. that may be a good fit!

I love the idea of an art/technology program for young women.  I am a huge fan of the work being done at ITP and it would be so exciting to introduce teenagers to  elements of art technology at a younger age.

However, the classes have already been chosen and publicized so this year we won’t be able to integrate too much technology.  Though I’ll most certainly keep it in mind for years to come.  I’d love to hear from any ITP students/alumni that may be interested in teaching ‘Creative Arts’– let them know we have wiggle room as to how we interpret this. I’m looking for someone who can design a well-balanced, ten day, six hour per day, curricula with emphasis on technique and variety.


We are looking for:


  • Office Manager: to supervise camp office, manage teacher supply needs, accounting, and communication with college facilities, parents & staff. (Hours: 8am-5pm)
  • Assistant Camp Director/Dir. of Residential Life:  Organize and supervise evening programing–create a trusting, fun, enriching & empowering environment for the campers.  Maintain open channels of communication between Director, RA’s & campers.


  • Veterinary Science: lead lab work, vet. field trips, and work with horses in the renowned Mount Holyoke Equestrian Center.  Teaching experience in vet. science a plus.
  • Service & Leadership: guide a class of young women interested in going into community, government, and arts leadership positions in an empowering curriculum.  Build awareness around what it means to be a female in pursuit of a career in the NGO/ not-for-profit worlds.  Introduce students to global communities and lead field trips and conversations with local non-profit organizations.
  • Forensic Science: preferably has criminal justice background and education in crime science.  Lead studies of fluid analysis, spatter analysis, decomposition rates, and conduct mock crime scenes.  
  • Creative Arts (painting, drawing, sculpting):  teach in a state-of-the-art art building with access to easels, kilns, wheels. Design the curriculum around your focus and expertise.

All teachers should have experience leading classes.  You will work with one group of girls 12-18 years old for approximately six hours a day, five days a week, for two weeks.  You design the curriculum, we approve.  Minimum of a BA, ideally in pursuit of a Masters in their field of expertise,or commensurate life experience.  We’re also hiring assistant teachers in these subjects as well as Fashion Design & Film 101. 

Residential Advisers

  • Looking for healthy, positive, dynamic college-age women, or recent college grads, to live on the floor with the campers.  They will lead outdoor physical activities, co-lead evening leadership & free-time activities, floor activities & field trips. Must be 21 or older.

All positions include room & board on the gorgeous Holyoke campus.  Salary is commensurate with experience.  Please follow the application protocol in the attachments.  Information won’t be reviewed if received in the incorrect format.  In the attachment you will see Branded Camp Services is also looking to hire male & female teachers for other locations–please specify if you’d like to be considered for Mount Holyoke.


Ashley Martinez

Program Director, Summer Academy

Mount Holyoke College