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[CONFERENCE] Take Part in the Wiki World’s Fair on July 7 on Governors Island

The ITP Community is Invited to take part in the Wiki World’s Fair — detailed information here:
We now have some more details of the NYU Pavilion at Wiki World’s
Fair, and we’d like to invite all like-minded ITPers to sign on for
the Build / Design Crew on the wiki:’s_Fair’s_Fair#NYU_Pavi

The Wiki World’s Fair / Free Culture World’s Fair will be held on Governors Island in beautiful New York Harbor on Saturday July 7 (raindate: Sunday July 8) as part of the Great American Wiknic, and in welcoming international visitors forWikimania Takes Manhattan.

The event will combine a wiki-picnic and civic celebration in the area of theFIGMENT participatory art festival‘s arcade-themed artist-designed minigolf coursesculpture garden, and treehouse.

The celebration will be led by Wikimedians and Free Culture Alliance NYC, with DIY fair pavilions (bamboo poles to be provided!) for numerous represented Wikiverse and Free Culture initiatives.