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[JOB] Creative coder for mobile

hello list – I’m an ITP’er class of ’94. not fossilized yet. help me hire an ITP’er! i am looking for a front end developer and a project manager to help me and a small team create a new breed of mobile app. we are VC funded and poised to fail fast. or forward. or both. we have a development team already in place and an initial build. we need some front end magic. and some project management wizardry (mobile please). if you think you are up for an interesting challenge and have the chops to meaningfully pitch in drop me a note and we can discuss. i’m specifically looking for Processing and HTML5 chops for mobile (Android). Be prepared to show me a portfolio. we are located on sunny 21st street between broadway and park. We are in stealth mode so I might ask you to wear a black cape and a mask.
-Ziya Danishmend (