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[INTERN] Multiple Internships with the Human Impacts Institute

Applications Now Open! Internships with the Human Impacts Institute

The Human Impacts Institute is currently accepting applications for our highly competitive Fall 2012 internship program.  Past interns have included international lawyers, media professionals, certified teachers, as well as graduate and undergrad students from Columbia University, University of Kwazulu-Natal (South Africa), New York University, Webster University (Netherlands), and more.  Interns will be given significant programmatic and organizational responsibilities based upon their internship descriptions, qualifications, and interests.

All internships will be located in NYC and only applicants available for the full term (Mid September to mid December 2012) and who can commit a minimum of 10 hours per week will be considered.

About the Human Impacts Institute
The mission of the Human Impacts Institute is to foster sustainable human impacts on ecosystems through inspired engagement, leadership, collaboration, knowledge-building and creative expression.  We promote healthy community development by connecting communities through a shared awareness of, and accountability for, the natural environment.

Using NYC as a laboratory, the Human Impacts Institute connects global communities in resource sharing and environmental awareness. Our program participants commit to conscious environmental decision-making, take responsibility for their environmental impacts and are dedicated to long-term solutions through:

  • Experiential Education–participants practice leadership through hands-on problem solving and community service;
  • Collaborative Partnerships–organizations unite through resource sharing, joint advocacy, and idea development;
  • Creative Expression–individuals use culture and art to inspire others to engage in environmental issues and solutions.

The Human Impacts Institute Internship program provides an active learning environment for college students and mid-career professionals.

What We Offer
·      Working with a team of environmentalists and artists who are passionate about inspiring social change and have backgrounds in climate science, public engagement, education, policy development, international consulting, private sector advising, and more;
·      An open and creative learning environment where interns and staff collaborate and co-learn;
·      High level of responsibility and a key role in program development and leadership;
·      Inclusion a diverse, international network of environmental, sustainable development, and social change professionals;
·      Diverse experiences in education, coalition-building, creative messaging, reporting and research; and
·      A commitment to supporting your personal goals while pushing your leadership skills

What We Want
Strong preference will be given to applicants who can receive college credit (undergraduate or graduate) or occupational training credits. International applicants are welcome, as are mid-career professionals looking to expand their knowledge of environmental work.   There is no stipend or lodging assistance available at this time. Interns are encouraged to apply for outside funding assistance. All available internships will have flexibility in scheduling, however, interns will be expected to work on-site at least 10 hours per week.

Applicants must have an expressed interest in environmental issues, education, policy development, research, coalition building, and/or not-for-profit organizational work.  In addition to this, interns are expected to be: self-motivated; extremely organized; independent; open communicators; creative; highly adaptable to different types of projects, atmospheres, interactions; and to have excellent research skills.

Application information
If interested, please submit :

  1. Current resume;
  2. Introductory letter, including:
    1. Why you want to work with HII;
    2. The specific internship(s) you are applying to; and
    3. Your specific expertise/interests relating to that internship
  3. One reference letter;
  4. One paragraph with an original idea for a creative project you’d like to do at HII

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and applicants will be notified of interviews shortly after their application. Applicants are encouraged to apply at least one month in advance of their desired start date. Fall applications are due August 13th, 2012 by midnight.  All applications and inquiries should be directed to:

Tara DePorte, Executive Director and Founder, Human Impacts Institute

Fall 2012 Internships with the Human Impacts Institute
All Human Impacts Institute Interns will:

  • Attend free classes at the Foundation Center on grant writing
  • Develop and research at least one grant proposal for their internship focus
  • Assist with organizational development and program support
  • Write blogs and develop community outreach materials
  • Attend relevant meetings and events to “report back on” to the HII team
  • Assist with partnership development

Below, are brief descriptions of Human Impacts Institute internships available for September 10th, 2012 start date:

Environmental Leadership

Our Environmental Leadership Intern will work to further develop our programs in coalition building locally and internationally. Focus will be on developing and outreaching for our coalition initiatives: the NYC Climate Coalition and MobilizeUS!.  Environmental Leadership interns will be instrumental in helping to develop our local and international programs.  Responsibilities will include: developing outreach and web content, teaching, curriculum development, research and partner development, lobbying and advocacy, grant writing, and more. Intern should have a good working knowledge of climate change issues, and climate change & environmental policy and science experience is a plus.


Environmental Services

Our Environmental Services Intern will provide businesses, organizations, schools and other Human Impacts Institute partners with resources on how to reduce their overall emissions, negative impacts on community health, and to increase their community support, while saving money and increasing their community involvement. Interns will be trained as environmental consultants and will mentor other students and stakeholders in sustainability options in their community.  Interns will also analyze the economic and social impacts of sustainability measures being implemented by program participants.

Environmental Education

Our Environmental Education Intern will help in all aspects of environmental education at the Human Impacts Institute. Interns will focus on curriculum and program development and updating, website content development, teaching classes/outreach, lesson plan research and development, outreach to schools and community centers, grant writing, etc. Intern applicants should be interested in environmental education (experience in environmental sciences and/or teaching are a plus!) and interests in the many components of program development and facilitation in a small not-for-profit.

NGO Management, PR and Marketing

Our NGO Management/PR and Marketing Intern will be responsible for the further development of the Human Impacts Institute website, updating press packages and brochures, outreach to press and funders, as well as other issues relating to marketing our organization and our programs. Interns will also help with the overall organizational management including responsibilities such as data input, contacts management, newsletter development, as well as events planning, partnership development, and fundraising.  All applicants should be very well versed in web design and marketing.  Experience in fundraising is a plus. Experience with environmental issues is not necessary, but favorable.

Design and Interactive Web Development

The Design and Interactive Web Development Intern will be responsible for further developing the online and interactive presence of the Human Impacts Institute and our programs. Interns will particularly focus on creating and implementing online tools for increased collaboration, outreach and open-source engagement of the public and partner groups in Human Impacts Institute’s programs. Ideal candidates will have proficiency in HTML/XHTML, CSS, Photoshop, and ability to learn other online and design tools. Ideal candidates will also have experience or training in graphic design, illustration, and/or branding. Knowledge or interest in environmental issues or community development is a plus. All applicants for the Design and Interactive Web Development Internship should send three work samples in addition to the overall internship application package.

Creative and Collaborative Design
Our Creative and Collaborative Design Intern will work on the Greening a Low-Income Coop project of the Human Impacts Institute.   Responsibilities will include developing a “living template” for making private residences sustainable at low costs in NYC.  This project is working with a HDFC low-income coop in the Williambsurg neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, to create a demonstration building for the potentials of retrofitting including green roof development, rainwater harvesting, weatherization, etc. In addition to this, the project is working with City and State incentive programs to better understand the application processes, as well as, the on-the-ground experiences of the program. The intern will be expected to design, help coordinate project development, create a project template and outreach overview, as well as participate in hands-on retrofitting projects.  Strong preference will be given to applicants with design/build experience.  Applicants will be asked to submit a small portfolio of past work.