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[JOB] Seed is seeking Design Technologist

Seed is seeking a Design Technologist to join its Design & Engineering team in New York. This is a three-month full-time contract engagement with the possibility of then converting into full-time employment.

You will be part of a team working on a wide range of technically challenging projects, from foundational research to high-impact client work to socially-significant public projects. Recent work has included developing relational algorithms that are performant in a browser, visualizing large amounts of data to surface new insights, designing state-of-the-art network visualizations, enabling real-time analysis of complex phenomena, and the community platform. You will have the opportunity to contribute and have an impact at all stages of a project, from concept to code.

– You have significant experience with data visualization and a solid portfolio
– You have mastered relevant programming languages and libraries, including JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python or PHP, d3, and Raphael
– You have experience with database technologies such as MySQL and Mongo
– You have a passion for data visualization and are on top of current thinking and trends

– You have familiarity with R
– You have an advanced degree in computer science, mathematics, or other science
– You have experience working with real-time social media data

About Seed
Scientific Thinking™. It’s a different way of looking at the world. It’s about using data to uncover patterns and design to confront complexity. It’s about connecting things to reveal systems. It’s about traversing scales and disregarding disciplines, applying neuroscience to economics, math to global health, virology to manufacturing, and genetics to law… It’s about experimenting all the way to understanding. It’s about changing your mind with new evidence – and getting as close to truth as humanly possible.

Getting 7 billion people to think scientifically has never been a small mission. And it has never been more important.

Since 2005, we have offered ideas and stories to help people think scientifically. Now we’re taking the next big step in this journey by creating tools and services to help institutions – companies, governments, and international organizations – do the same. We’re taking our way of seeing and thinking to parliaments, courtrooms, hospitals, construction sites, boardrooms… around the world – to catalyze Scientific Thinking™ at scale.

Today, we are at work on problems of national and global significance including sustainable development, the future of healthcare, and internet security and are building ground-breaking software to help bring Scientific Thinking™ to life.

Working at Seed
We are an inter-disciplinary team of scientists, designers, strategists, and engineers. Many of us would be happy spending our days reading about artificial intelligence, complexity, and unified theories. And for some, thatʼs all in a dayʼs work. Others view science as a way of understanding the systems that make up our world and are here to develop new tools to model, visualize, and interact with these systems. And others see in science knowledge and methods that can improve the state of the planet – our cities, buildings, courtrooms, and governments – and are here to help our clients see the same.

We see science as the way forward. Science makes us smarter, healthier, more humble, more inspired, and better citizens — and we are all at Seed to spread this idea. You will be part of a world-class and fast-growing team that is aggressively pursuing a big mission and experience the fun and fulfillment that brings.