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[JOB] UI Designer/Front-End Developer

Looking for a UI Designer/Front-End Developer to help design and/or build an interactive data visualization for a software-based sales tool.  The finished product will live exclusively online and must be browser-compliant (as in, built using HTML/CSS/Javascript, not Processing or OpenFrameworks).
At the very least, we are looking for a visual design that makes traversing data simple and elegant.  At best, we’d like to work with a developer to build the final visualization into our product.
Hourly rate is negotiable depending on level of experience and technical expertise. (ie. Design-only versus Design + Coding)  Total project price is in the $2000 – $4000 range.
iLantern is a boston-based SaaS company that turns trigger-based news alerts into business insights.  (It’s like Google Alerts for business.)
If interested in learning more, please contact Beth Cohen King at