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[VOLUNTEER] Maker Faire Volunteer opportunities: Get in Maker Faire for free

If you’re planning to attend Maker Faire (  next week, there are a few opportunities to get in free:
First, Nerdy Derby is still looking for volunteers to help folks at Maker Faire make cars for the races there. It’s a great opportunity to help kids get excited and learn how to think about physical construction.  Contact Matt and Tak  ( for details (or just see them in person) if you want to volunteer.  Volunteers work 4 hours, then get to see the rest of the day free to see the faire.
I’m very proud of the work the Nerdy Derby crew is doing, and pleased that they’ll be representing for ITP at the faire.  I’d love to see many of you out there as part of it; it’s where I’ll be spending most of my time at Maker Faire. Also, I’m working on a secret car of my own.
Second,  Arduino is looking for a few volunteers for Maker Faire.
We need many booth volunteers: People who can stand at the booth, demonstrate, and answer questions. You must be able to walk a complete novice through the process of uploading a sketch to an Arduino, show a novice how to make simple code changes, and how to use a solderless breadboard with simple sensors (perhaps only light sensor) and actuators (perhaps only LEDs).
Helps if you have a cool simple project to show as well.

Volunteers work 4 hours, then get to see the rest of the day free to see the faire.  You’ll also get a couple of other goodies from Arduino.

If you’re interested, contact Michael Shiloh <>. For in-person questions about it, ask Tom or Benedetta.