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volunteer: NYCNext Video Director, videographer

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NYCNext: Video Brief


NYCNext is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping support and rebuild New York City run by an all-volunteer team with a shared love for the city. Born out of the immediate need to help the city’s small businesses, restaurants, arts community and anyone struggling through this, the ultimate mission is to rebuild an even better and more equitable city for all New Yorkers.

What are we doing?

Our main programming will be a series of “pop-up” events throughout the city, all designed to get the word out, garner donations and help draw support and energy to the communities where these events are held. Right now, events in the works center around musical performances designed to draw impromptu crowds and participants.  

Our call to action is simple: Offer help if you can, ask for help if you need it.

Video Needs:

A key part of our marketing will be based on video from these events. So, we are looking for a Director/DP or a videographer with a keen eye for visual storytelling. Ideally, someone who can shoot these events—and possibly other material—but also create a compelling narrative. Exactly what that story will be is something we can collaborate on, but we know that the overall message we would like to convey is that New Yorkers are uniquely talented, driven and resilient creatures that are here for a reason: because this is the greatest city in the world and we fully intend on keeping it that way.


We will want to use video from each event shortly after these events to help spread the word. These may be used in outdoor advertising and of course, social. All parties will be fully credited and can use this material for their own self-promotion.

Available Resources:

While we have some resources to help with pre- and post-production (editing, music, etc.) we’d love to find a director or videographer who can work with us on the entire project. There is some money available for hard costs, but this is a volunteer operation, so the actual work is a donation of time and energy.


Due to COVID restrictions, we can’t pre-announce or promote these events—they need to “pop-up.” However, we are doing advance planning and can certainly scout and figure out the best way to handle each event. While we’d like the quality of the video to be good, it’s likely we will need to keep equipment to a minimum to avoid attracting too much unwanted attention. We can discuss the best way to handle all of this.


We’re thinking this is should fall somewhere between a “run-and-gun” journalistic capture and a documentary film. We will want to add messaging (in the form of titles or narrator).


The first event is on September25th in Chelsea, which will be a smaller, neighborhood event; we think this will be a good test to get our style and production strategy figured out. Because, we have a second event planned for Times Square in October that we know will be a much larger crowd and production—we can provide more details. Additional events are in Harlem tentatively scheduled for Oct 10 and Central Park on Oct 5.

It’s likely that this brief has raised as many questions as it has answered, so we are more than happy to have a call to discuss.

Thank you for your consideration,

The NYCNext Production & Marketing Teams