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[VOLUNTEER] Volunteer Needed to Help NYC Dog Owners Group

The New York City Dog Owner’s Group is seeking a volunteer to help redesign its current web site ( This is a chance to help an incredible organization better the lives of both shelter animals and NYC’s animal population.
The small, privately-funded group was founded in 1999 to unite dog owners and dog park user groups throughout New York City.  The organization works with New York City Department of Parks & Recreation to represent most of the city’s official dog runs and designated off-leash areas. NYCdog has since expanded its mission and is working to promote responsible dog ownership, rescue and adoption, and humane treatment of animals in New York City’s shelters.
If interested or for further details, please contact:
Garrett Rosso <>
Some ideas for the site:
• Let’s use a WordPress template
Previous attempts were too difficult for volunteers to manage. So an easy to use content management program would be great
• The site would only display limited content. It is not a constantly updated blog.
•  We would like a larger area at the top to push a current story such as the recently released NYCdog Emergency Alert or any recent action such as the “Dog Park Summit” with NYC Dept of Parks. But there are only going to be 1-2 of these articles that we ever want to push a year. Maybe only 1 at any point in time. However we would want to hi-light this prominently at the top of the page. At other times we could fudge it a bit with current event, etc.
• Most viewsers come for the following information so we want that displayed on the home page.
1.) Press or Reporters wanting a quick contact for a story. They need to see an immediately link to a email or phone number
2.) Folks looking for an article on how to start and dog park or off-leash area
3.) List of current dog parks and off leash areas in NYC with links to user group websites
4.) Articles can contain a comment section — but we need the ability to moderate if we chose to
5.) Articles should be shareable via Facebook
6.) Articles should have a place to show who posted them by name — if poster wishes
7.) Article page should allow us to chose 2-3 related posters in the side margin of our choosing
8.) Categories: Articles should contain categories tags to be determined: ie. dog park, off-leash, event, news, design, maintenance, etc
9.) Prominantly display a donate button ;-)
That’s about it as far a content goes
Wish List
• We would love to have an automated document area where members could fill in their dog park or off-leash area, input the name(s) of their current volunteer managers as well as their phone and email. Once inputed, their information could only be seen by us — not the average visitor.
The attached comps are a few years old. We’d love something more contemporary with bolder fonts — magazine, webnews style layout.
They can use our current logo or design a new one. We do not have a file for the current logo so would have to be recreated from scratch.
The design should marry an official style (NYC Parks & Recreation) with a more user friendly look. It’s important that we convey that we are the laison between user groups and the Parks Dept. So nothing too funky, but not too Corporate/Government either.
I’m more the available to talk about this with anyone. And feel free to add as much of your input as you’d like.
Garrett Rosso <>
— Garrett Rosso
Obedience & Behavioral Training