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[JOB] Digital Systems Specialist, CalArts School of Film/Video

California Institute of the Arts (CalArts)
This is a full-time staff position in an animation mixed platform-computing environment.  The School of Film/Video encourages highly motivated students with an independent and experimental approach towards their discipline.  Facilities are used for teaching purposes, as well as the creation of innovative, non-conventional forms of film and video making.
• Provide advanced and specialized facility and workflow technical expertise to support faculty, students and staff at the School of Film/Video, under direction of the Associate Director of Technology and Digital Media and Associate Dean, Finance and Operations.
• Analyze, diagnose and resolve hardware, software and network performance challenges within computer animation labs, classrooms, stop motion production facility, multi media lab, digital imaging/compositing lab and other animation facilities.
• Consult with Experimental Animation faculty, staff and students to ensure that digital workflows, facility management plans, schedules and policies are meeting the technical and administrative needs of the program.
• Maintain local file systems on Mac and Windows systems, optimizing disks, backing up essential files, identifying and notifying over-quota users and deleting files as needed.
• Administer and maintain a render farm.
• Assist students in using digital animation systems, workflows and software, including input and output to film projection and video display devices.
• Supervise, train and schedule student workers who assist in maintaining the labs and animation equipment.
• Assist in the creation, testing and deployment of animation laboratory client computer images, including preparation of application–specific system image deployment packages.
• Plan and coordinate with the School of Film/Video Video Engineer and Equipment Supervisor to provide technical support for still frame/video acquisition, video display, film and print hardware in and out devices.
• Develop, analyze and update digital workflows to assist in preparing year-end screenings, including preparation of technical guidelines and procedures for student’s digital submissions.
• Maintain School of Film/Video archive and serve as Web Contact with the Office of Public Affairs.
• Develop, maintain, and update relevant web information on the School of Film/Video technical resource website.
• Analyze and implement security related procedures including regular animation application patches and updates.
• Maintain compliance with CalArts IT and the School of Film/Video’s lab and safety policies and promote standards for security conscious awareness and behavior.
• Attend regular technical meetings within the School of Film/Video and the Institute.
• Attend sponsored classes and maintain relationships with company representatives in order to keep abreast of technological advances in the field.
• Advise management on future growth of the digital animation labs and facilities and provide consultation on the design, development and maintenance of digital animation areas used by the School.
• Perform other duties as directed.
• Expertise with current Mac, Linux and Windows operating systems and ability to master new versions as needed.
• Extensive knowledge of animation workflows including 2D, 3D and stop motion digital animation systems.
• Extensive knowledge of stereoscopic 3D motion capture systems.
• Excellent technical and communication skills with supervisory experience.
• Ability to manage time efficiently with the ability to work under pressure handling multiple duties at the same time.
• Ability to work independently using own initiative.
• Experience with Open Directory and Active Directory network policies, profiles and accounts.
• Experience with multiple Linux client and server distributions.
• Extensive experience with multiple scripting, programming and web programming tools.
• Extensive experience with analog and digital video input/output hardware.
• Extensive experience with editing and image processing software such as Maya and the Adobe Creative Suite.
• Experience with 2K/4K digital workflows and 16mm and 35mm filmmaking desirable.
• Two years relevant experience in digital technical support and development preferably in an academic environment
• High School diploma required.  Undergraduate degree in related field preferred.
Position available in January 2013. To apply, please send a cover letter and resume in word or PDF format only, to or fax your resume to 661 222-2796 attention Human Resources.   Please indicate in the subject line: Digital Systems Specialist in order to be considered.
CalArts ( has a multidisciplinary approach to its studies of the arts through six schools: Art, Critical Studies, Dance, Film/Video, Music and Theater. CalArts encourages students to explore and recognize the complexity of the many aspects of the arts. It is supported by a distinguished faculty of practicing artists and provides its Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts students with the hands-on training and exposure necessary for an artist’s growth. CalArts was founded in 1961 and opened in 1969 as the first institution of higher learning in the United States specifically for students interested in the pursuit of degrees in all areas of visual and performing arts.  EOE.