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[GIG] Web Platform Designer, See Potential / Magnum Foundation

We are looking for ITP Student to partner with current 2nd year student Federico Zannier to complete the See Potential website.

See Potential is an initiative produced in partnership with the Magnum Foundation .  See Potential is a public art community engagement project that aims to accelerate and strengthen ongoing community based revitalization projects in neglected areas across the South Side of Chicago.
The student would partner with Federico Zannier who is developing the interactive SMS/mapping portion of the website.  The partner would work with Federico to develop a very simple, word press-based website that would prominently feature Federico’s map and create an elegant solution for featuring photographs by See Potential’s participating photographers. The student should have strong graphic design skills and be able to work with WordPress (certainly OK to use WordPress template). We are aiming to complete the website by late Feb, perform tests in early March, and make all final adjustments to the site by 2nd week of March. The site will be used intensively starting in May. Magnum Foundation and the See Potential Project have a modest stipend to offer for the completion of this work.
About See Potential:
See Potential is a project based in Chicago’s South side that uses documentary photographs installed on abandoned buildings to accelerate and strengthen community-based revitalization projects. Photographers contributing to See Potential are local to the Chicago’s South side or have completed extensive long term projects in the South Side.
See Potential works with community leaders in Chicago’s South Side to find sites that could become positive community spaces.  Using documentary photography, See Potential creates large-scale installations on abandoned buildings, and empty lots, that ask the community to send a text message if they support the transformation of the site.  The text messages are registered on See Potential’s website and will be used as supporting data to help the community leaders attain their goals for the site’s redevelopment.  Those who send an SMS in support of a site, also receive a text in return, giving the individual a way to find out more about site, or sign a petition be presented to a city alderman or other decision-makers.
This is the pilot website.
The basic functions of the map and SMS interaction are currently functioning. Federico’s goals for the next stage are to make the map more dynamic and readable through multiple browsers and platforms.
Our goals for the website are to improve and simplify its aesthetics and structure and build it Word Press to facilitate easier content management (it is currently jumla). Most important is that the site is viewable through most browsers and devices and requires only low-bandwidth internet.
I am happy to speak with any ITP student who would be interested in joining this team.
All best,
Emma Raynes
office: 212 219 1248
Mobile: 617 515 4397