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[JOB] CTO, Sociable [start-up]

Sociable, Inc Looking for Creative CTO:
Sociable is a cool new start-up in new york city.  We will soon be launching our MVP website for people to openly express, get advice on, and overcome their emotional issues.  Sociable is a safe space for community members to both give and get advice and support on daily struggles through text, pictures, video, audio, and emotion-tracking tools.  The website will be used in schools, offices, and mental health centers by March, and eventually will be on your smart phone.  We will be bringing mental health services to millions for free (don’t worry, we will be making large profits).  With Sociable no one is alone.
The website is currently built using .net’s Objects.  We are looking for a  creative and well-organized developer to take over as our CTO as we test our MVP and develop the Beta.  We have minimal angel investing so cannot pay a salary now, but are offering equity.  In March we will be starting our first seed round for VC funding, which the CTO will partake in.  Candidates must be passionate towards the mission of Sociable and able to commit long-term.
If you are interested, please email a letter of interest and resume to Justin at