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[INTERN] Intern at 3LD

Sexy Media Production & Interactive Performance Organization Seeks experienced Jack-of-all-Trades Intern. We are award-winning and super cool, you are on your way! College grad, someone in grad program or needing internship hours to put towards a degree is ideal. Our internship program is an apprenticeship of sorts; mutually advantageous and tailored to each individual intern’s goals and needs. The opportunity to work within the organization as a freelancer is an option upon completion of a 3-month internship.
  • Interest in: New integrative Art and Technology. Downtown theater and media production. Program development.
  • Good Knowledge of Video Editing (Premiere and / or Final Cut Pro)
    • BONUS: Basic Knowledge of Color Correction
    • BONUS: Basic Knowledge of After Effects
  • Working knowledge of Cameras, Lenses and Codecs both HD & SD (D-SLRs, Hero, classic Mini-DV, 4k Red, P2, etc etc).
    • BONUS: Script editing / Story-boarding.
    • BONUS: P.A. and production experience (however great or small)
  • Experience with Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator
  • HTML / CSS / Server Backend and Web Design
  • Vj & Video Design Skills
    • Projection Mapping
    • MadMapper
    • Syphon
    • Max / MSP Jitter
    • Isadora
    • OSC & Midi Control
    • Working knowledge of Projector brands, throw calculations and lensing from .1ks Picos to 20ks
  • Carpentry and Painting Skills
    • BONUS: CAD / Vectorworks
    • BONUS: Light rendering
  • Working knowledge of I.T. and ability to nerd out on software solutions.
  • Organization skills. Need to organize some stuff? Looking for someone who takes initiative, builds some shelves and creates a system moving forward.
  • CRM Software (Client Relationship Management), Google Docs as project management, Google Apps, Google Calendar etc etc.
  • Budgets: Quickbooks, Budgeting, Line-Producing, Cash-flow, Receipt tracking, Expense Reports
  • Events Planning: RSVP lists, Fire-Code, Capacities, Liquor Licenses, Albany and Bureaucracy, Good Times & interfacing with all sorts of artists.
  • Development and Programming: creating new programs for Community Outreach and Residents within our space(s). Developing programs for all sorts of new-media artists.
  • Social Media & Marketing: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr — you know the drill.
  • Ticketing: Point of Sale devices and Web Services (like Ovation tix, Brown Paper Tickets etc etc)
  • Grant-Writing & Foundation Support.
This is an unpaid intern position. If interested please respond to


James Scruggs
3LD Program Director