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[GIG] Technical Freelancers Needed for Prototype Development of “Smart” Fine Jewelry

A new venture is in need of talented, technical freelancers to assist in prototype development of an exciting concept involving “smart” fine jewelry.  The concept involves enabling high quality fine jewelry with communications capabilities that leverage wireless internet connectivity.

Initial prototype functional requirements will include:

  • Ability of device to send predefined outbound emails/text messages to a predefined list of recipients.
  • Ability to send messages independent of a smart phone.  Rather this has the ability to independently send messages via wireless internet connectivity (this prototype is not a smart phone accessory).
  • The prototype has to be able to connect to the internet within any home/location that has a reasonably strong wireless internet signal.
  • Hardware size = minimized (several chip sets under consideration are about the size of a quarter).
  • Low power consumption with range will be a key challenge, though the unit should be in off/standby mode most of the time.
  • The prototype will need to be set-up with the predefined messages and recipients by linking to an application (which we will have to develop) which could reside on either a smartphone or a computer.

There is incentive to make progress on this technical front quickly so would like to bring in one or perhaps a few talented people to help with the technical side of prototype development.  First step will be to work up a viable technical project plan, then execute the build.  Integration of the technology with jewelry form factors is the ultimate goal.

Compensation is negotiable based on background and experience.

Michael McNamara | MasterCard SpendingPulse