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JOB: Senior Experience Designer, ESI Design

Senior Experience Designer
ESI Design is one of the world’s foremost experience design firms. As an interdisciplinary team of problem solvers, designers, and doers we work at the intersection of physical, digital and social design.
Whether we are inspiring customer-centric innovation for international corporations or inventing new ways to activate public institutions, our mission is the same — to inspire conversation, collaboration, and action.
ESI is looking for a Senior Experience Designer to work as part of a cross-disciplinary team developing activity designs for corporate and institutional clients. The Senior Experience Designer will be responsible for developing and documenting ideas for interactive experiences that weave physical space, digital tools, and social programs into engaging activities.
We are looking for a creative designer who knows how to encourage people to interact, tell stories, play, and share experiences in both physical and digital environments.
The Experience Designer should be able to demonstrate an understanding of activity design, game design, user experience design, and collaborative design processes.  Experience working with technology in the built environment is important, especially as it relates to digital, networked, and physical computing systems.
• Activity design
• Contributing to collaborative design sessions through the concept design process
• Documentation of activity designs through diagrams, written text, scenario/storyboard development, UX design documentation, rule sets, video roleplaying, and any other means for communicating activity design
• Presentation of activity design concepts to clients
• Strong experience participating in collaborative design process.
• Strong design documentation skills.
• Strong grasp of Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, and other major software applications, as well as an understanding of mobile technologies.
• Good presentation skills.
• Understanding of physical and digital production constraints.
• Portfolio of projects that demonstrate strong activity design skills.
• 6+ years experience in the field.
The job is based in New York City, with minimal travel required (though we often have opportunities with large national and international clients).
If you feel you are a strong candidate for this role, please send your resume to Subject Heading: Senior Experience Designer.
For more information about our firm, please visit our website at