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JOB: Lead Architect- Phys Comp Crispin Porter

We have a very exciting position opening up that would be perfect for your graduates that are a couple of years out of school. We’re looking for a hands-on person to join our physical computing team and help us create new intelligent objects.

Here’s a write up of the job:
This is role well suited for a self motivated, curious, and smart hacker. It’s impossible to predict what this person will work on, but some highlights of our phys comp team in the past:
Jello Jiggle it app. We created a beat detection algorithm and mapped it to a choreographed 3D cube of jello to make it dance.
Nutcracker5000: a holiday snowball cannon that invited the whole internet to aim and shoot real snowballs at our agency partners
Windows Phone Rig: a custom camera rig that take photos from 5 smart phones simultaneously for comparison shots. Microsoft is now patenting the technology
– High res blimp camera: working with Met Life’s blimp, we created an ultra high res camera system and download link so you can take a picture of your house via the blimp from your smart phone
This position can work out of the Boulder or Los Angeles office, so it’s great for people that have moved to the West Coast, or just interested to venture beyond NYC.