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[GIG] Electrical Engineer, IDEO

The eko team at IDEO is entering a collaborative detailed engineering stage for a new quantified self fitness tracker (think next generation FitBit). The team is seeking the support of an Electrical Engineer to help define, guide, and push the client engineering team activities around electrical architecture, component selection (sensors, display, ¬Ķcontroller, battery, etc), PCB layout and component stackup, power budget, bluetooth integration, custom connector design, charging accessory design.

Primary responsibility for executing these tasks will fall on the client team, but some assistance may be required by the EE, along with creative collaborative problem solving across ME, ID, and IaD disciplines as part of revising the device concept during this 8 week phase.

The workload is estimated to be 160 man-hours over the 8 weeks period. The work can be based in NYC or Chicago and will require the candidate to be embedded with the IDEO team. Experience with to-market product development would be of great benefit, as would experience obtaining creative outcomes from conservative client engineering teams (proposing alternative solutions or detailed reasoned push-back).

If interested please contact Dario Buzzini