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[JOB] Web Designer, Vertical Village

City living can be exhilarating. It can also be lonely. Most of us don’t know our neighbors – not even those who live on our floor. When we need help or need something – say to borrow crutches while our broken leg is healing, or want to discuss a book – we don’t think of calling upon them.  Though New Yorkers are famous for the ferocious way we guard our privacy, it appears that privacy too often gives way to isolation. Vertical Village is a new concept in apartment living designed to maintain privacy whilc providing communal opportunities.  It is being organized now in an upper west side co-op.

Now we need a website or some other program which helps members of Vertical Village

  1. Organize Meetings with Agendas and Minutes
  2. Describe and announce events
  3. Host sign up sheets for various events with automatic cut offs when the numbers of RSVP’s reach capacity.
  4. Run a swap room where used stuff is described and exchanged on a permanent or lending basis.
  5. List volunteer opportunities
  6. Find people interested in forming groups: Music, Cards, Book, Film, etc.
  7. Feature a welcome kit for newcomers
  8. Exchange tips on plumbers, painters, etc.
  9. Offer babysitting, dog walking, plant watering services etc.
  10. Host a monthly newsletter
  11. Report on talks by members of VV


I’m sure there are other items too.

VV needs a presence on the web because we hope to spread this idea throughout the city.  However, we want the particulars of our building to be private – available only to VV Members.

We are looking for an intern who will work with Vertical Village’s organizing committee to design a program which will meet our needs and explain how it works to residents (who range from very young and savy to very old and savy but not about computers.)  A successful candidate will be creative, clear, friendly,  flexible  and dependable. Hours are quite flexible.

If you are interested in discussing this please email me a cover note explaining your interest in the project and a resume at

Thank you.

Ruth J. Abram, Organizer