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[JOB] Chief Architect, K-12 fundraising startup Ed.Co (NYC)

I co-founded Ed.Co over the summer. We’re a funded social venture based in NYC, and we’re helping K-12 schools by gathering local community support. We have a couple of national partnerships that will put us in schools quickly when we launch in early 2014.
We’re hiring a Chief Architect to serve as technology lead and the first code contributor. I think this is a great opportunity to do good for kids and communities, while building beautiful software.
Please apply here and share with anyone who could be a fit:
Details copied below! Let me know if you have any questions.

Position Overview

Ed.Co is seeking a Chief Architect to provide technical leadership for the company. Ed.Co activates K-12 education funding through community support. You will design and lead implementation of a solution that fills a clear and well-researched market need. You will also serve as our first code-contributing engineer. In partnership with our head of product, you will recruit and build a world-class development team for Ed.Co, a funded, for-profit venture seeking to do social good.

Your Role

  • Architect and oversee development of Ed.Co’s ecommerce software for helping fund K-12 education needs, a $700 billion US industry.
  • Provide strategic technology vision for the company.
  • Serve as first code-contributing member of a growing software development team.
  • Work closely with the Chief Product Officer and designers to fulfill business requirements with deployed code.

What We’re Looking For

  • Love of learning.
  • Strong communications skills.
  • Aspiration to usability excellence.
  • Experience building and maintaining high-volume transactional apps with one or more modern web frameworks (Ruby on Rails / Sinatra / Django).
  • Passion for working with, and mentoring, collaborative, motivated teams writing beautiful, pragmatic code.
  • Thoughtful opinions on matching the software tool to the job.
  • An appreciation for agile software development methodologies.
  • Intelligence, humility, and persistence.
  • Extra points: share your Github or other code profile.

About Ed.Co

Ed.Co is an NYC startup empowering educators by unleashing the full potential of community support. Ed.Co was founded in 2013 by Stax DevCorp and Dan Melinger.

Stax DevCorp creates and incubates new companies and joint ventures to develop innovative solutions that address critical market needs identified by Stax’s strategic consulting practice. Ed.Co is one of DevCorp’s double-bottom-line companies — creating social benefit alongside economic value. Stax DevCorp has recruited a network of major distribution partners to support Ed.Co’s full-scale market launch in 2014.