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[JOB] Social Marketing Researcher / Analyst, Cake Inc


Cake is an agency with an enviable client list, a great track record of compelling creative work and a brand name recognized across the UK, Europe and now the USA.

The success of the business is due not only to the ambition, creativity and vision of the founders, but to the spirit of entrepreneurialism with which Cake’s people from Partner to PA have embraced.

Cake can be a challenging environment – delivering consistent excellence and originality is demanding on both hearts and minds. This was never more true than here in New York, where we balance the nimble action of a small business unit with the politics of working within a major network. For this reason we need all our people at the top of their game. To that end, this job description aims to make clear our expectations of you in your role.

We hope this clarity is helpful in driving your career forward. We also hope to help you deliver against our expectations. But above all, we hope you enjoy working here.

We aim to be a creative, commercially sound and collaborative business – if you are ever in any doubt about anything…Ask!!!


This is a critical role within the Cake team and acts as a foundation for decision making, pitching and impressing our clients.

As a Social Marketing Researcher and Analyst, we look to you to offer insight across all the work Cake carries out from conception to delivery. You need to have a solid grasp of all the possible tools out there that help us find data and information about what people think, say, share and do.

You provide the ground research and analysis to support everything we do: research for pitches, social listening for existing clients, data gathering for any Cake project in any discipline

You should be a sponge for new information – what you’re learning at Cake and what you’re experiencing across the social web. Your expertise must be unsurpassed in what’s new online right now and especially how brands are using social media.


• Must have a ‘can do’, optimistic attitude.

• Must be personable, well presented and pro-active.

• Must possess first-rate communication skills – in particular great writing skills appropriate for varied audiences.

• Must have an inquisitive mind and good self awareness

• Must have the ability to use initiative and confidence to act.

• Must be organized, able to organize and able to prioritize.

• Must be assertive and able to shout when problems are looming.


Solid research skills – knowing where to look and what you are looking for by understanding what the client’s problem is and where we might find answers.  Great gasp of research methodologies and data mining tools.

Outstanding numeracy and data handling – Clients expect us to be on top of the data more than they are. You must be able to take large amounts of data or information from multiple sources and digest what is hidden within.

Effective Communication Skills – You will need to demonstrate your exceptional communication skills, instilling confidence in others with regard to your knowledge, competency and ability to deliver. You need to translate complex numbers into useful insights (in partnership with a strategist) and lay out the information in a clear and usable way.

Planning and Organization – The ability to ensure that with each project you have established an agreed course of action for yourself to make sure you are on top of your to do list – in fact to make sure you HAVE a to do list!

Industry Knowledge and Expertise – This role will require you to become knowledgeable about a range of topics and sectors – from retail to telecoms to fashion and beyond –you will also need to fully up to date and informed on trends, statistics and emerging social media platforms.

Creative Problem Solving – You will need to concentrate on your ability to think creatively and see opportunities to explore new ways of doing things. Get involved in EVERY brainstorm you can. NEVER attend a meeting without a notebook.

Team Work – See where you fit in and make sure you deliver. Lots of work will tumble to you – pick it up and support your team. They will support you too and you should expect to be treated fairly and work collaboratively.

Tolerance of Stress – You will need to learn strategies to enable you to maintain effective performance while under pressure focusing on the ability to make controlled responses during stressful or pressurized situations.


The nature of Cake’s business requires a high level of flexibility, common sense and versatility. While the specific content of your role is clearly defined, the nature of the demands placed on us and the creativity of our campaigns means that the role will evolve over time and needs a ‘can do’ approach to picking projects up and managing well to make them happen.

You must become a trusted source of information for the whole Cake team and an expert that client’s trust to provide knowledge and information that can impact their business.

We use analytics to inform:

(a) plans that we carry out in a broad sense – from apps we build to conversations we manage to events we create

(b) content that we or our clients create (e.g. a client may require us to listen to social conversations continuously in order to help them determine what video, white paper, product to release or create)

Some of your day-to-day duties:

• Using social listening technologies – BrandWatch, Radian 6, Sysomos, Google Analytics, HootSuite, Facebook Insights… and many more as this landscape is changing rapidly

• Gathering data and then analyzing this data for insights we can use to inform creative ideas or content creation

• Using a range of data sources (in partnership with Havas Media), as well as your own desk research, to glean information and evidence that helps us build strong strategies for our clients campaigns

• Staying abreast of new technology platforms – doing your own research, reading a lot, exploring online and sharing your findings

• Regularly attending vendor meetings set up at the office

• Attending client meetings to present findings

• Drafting presentations and papers that showcase insights

• Monthly report writing on live campaigns

• Contributing to the ‘Cool Digital’ community to keep the agency abreast of innovations in social and online

• Making recommendations to team and clients on a regular basis (daily) about how we could be managing their social marketing activity and innovative in the space


As a team member at Cake, your senior managers will hold the full picture but your understanding of forecasting income for projects or clients needs to develop now as this is key to both to the smooth running of your projects but also to the effective financial management of Cake as a business.

We do not expect you to have full accountability for the financials but we do expect you to learn, absorb and improve your understanding in this area.

Complete transparency is required and you must provide the finance team with the information that they need when they require it in order for them to be able to correctly monitor financial expenditure/fee income/business and departmental growth.


Apart from fulfilling your duties as laid out above to the best of your abilities you will also need to achieve excellence in these areas to move yourself up to the next level.

Promotion for you would be to Senior Social Marketing Analyst and that really requires you to harness a much ‘bigger picture’ view of both your clients and Cake as a whole, provide consistently brilliant thinking and analysis and display an appetite for a wider remit within the team.

Prove you have the trust not only of your team but of your clients and that they feel able to delegate tasks and ask for your involvement in the new business and pitch process needs to have been demonstrated successfully before promotion.


Your work will be formally reviewed every 12 months with interim check-ins and reviews set up along the way.

Your development is ongoing and we’d expect you to be keen to hear feedback on how you’re doing and where you can improve. We’d also like to encourage you to share where other pressures are impeding your performance so we can help you overcome these challenges.

Contact:  Stacy Fuller,