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[TEACHING / JOB] Adjunct Professor for Animation and Digital Foundations, CSI/CUNY

Adjunct Professor –  Animation and Digital Foundations – CSI/CUNY
The department of Media Culture at the College of Staten Island/CUNY is looking for an artist or designer to teach two digital media classes (Animation & Foundations) this Spring. These two adjunct courses are: a web animation course (flash or possibly processing), and two sections of an introductory digital media production course. You can find out more about the department here:
COM 115 Introduction to Design and Digital Media Environments
Mon, 02:30PM – 04:25PM
1 hour; 1 credit
Introduces students to the fundamental tools, skills, and principles that are a prerequisite to using a computer for graphic design, digital imaging, and Web design. Students will be instructed in the computer’s operating system, and introduced to the basic software programs and peripheral devices. This course is the prerequisite for all COM production courses.
COM 380 Web Design, Animation, and Theory
4 hours; 4 credits
Mon 06:30PM-09:50PM
A course focusing on digital animation for the Internet. This course will cover the technical aspects of digital animation, as well as historical and theoretical topics. Students will create animations as stand-alone pieces and as components in Web pages.
The courses run on the same day and are designed to facilitate one instructor teaching both. The second class is only one credit and meets for two hours a day for 7 weeks; the instructor will teach two 7 week sections during the 14 week semester. This is a total of 6 contact hours.
Interested candidates should send a CV and a short cover letter that includes qualifications and past courses taught, and a link to a portfolio to and