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[GIG] Web Development, Monegraph

I’ve had this idea, a way to use bitcoin blockchains to make digital art ownable.
I had a chance to develop it this past weekend at Rhizome’s Seven on Seven and I created
The system is simple, but it really works. I used it to sell blockchain-verified art from the stage at the New Museum.
Then this week it’s started to kind of blow up:
I need to take what is a simple walk through and start to flesh it out. But I need some help.
Are you someone who knows a bit about web development? Some php, or python? Have you ever made a SQL database? Do you work with Git?
Do you want to learn how to work a crypto-currency wallet app from the command line? Do you like online art and culture?
Then we should talk.
Here’s the pros:
This is a totally world changing idea — for real.
We’ll be working on it at the New Museum’s new art/tech incubator space New Inc ( ).
This is an art project that is turning into something else, so the emphasis is on experiment and trying.
Here’s the cons:
I currently have no money, but my job is to change that fact.
Stuff has to happen fast.
This is an experimental and unorthodox implementation of art and internet technology and I think it fits ITP’s culture perfectly.
Please contact me if you are interested.
Kevin McCoy