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[CALL] Fall Session 2014, 72U

Artists, Makers and Risk Takers!

72U is looking for people who want to create things that matter in culture.

Deadline to apply for the Fall Session 2014 is June 9th. Apply: 

72U is an intensive, 3 month program designed to open people up to new ways of thinking, collaborating and solving modern communication problems. If accepted there is no tuition.

72U explores the intersection of creativity, culture, technology, story telling and brand strategy. Each 72U class is made up of participants with diverse talents, experiences and interests. It prepares participants for the creative industry through structured workshops, guest speakers, independent and collaborative projects, and the opportunity to work side-by-side with agency professionals on industry projects.

72U is not a portfolio school nor an internship. The program is an ideal place for people who are at a pivot point in their careers, as the program is focused on participant’s creative career goals. Mostly you’re looking for an opportunity to focus your talents and make a career out of creative self-expression. No previous experience in advertising is required, but life experience is a plus!

Past Projects  
Mural Art Show
NOTCOT Collaboration
Cabinet Symphony

Sugar Coated doc

To learn more and to apply please visit:  || || || 72U vimeo