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[JOB] Junior Creative Technologist, SapientNitro

Welcome to SapientNitro, where ideas reign supreme. Here, customer experiences are what drive us, game-changing marketing is conceived, awards are won, and technology is at the very heart of bringing our creative ideas to life. There’s no shame in being ambitious here; career growth is a priority for us – we help one another climb, we don’t climb over one-another. Clients aren’t just customers, they’re partners. Integrity and a team-driven environment serve as incubators for entrepreneurial minds. Getting goose bumps? Good. If you’re ready to be an idea engineer with some of the best collaborators in the industry, let’s see where you can put your talents to work.


Job Title:

Junior Creative Technologist


Job Summary:

As a Junior Creative Technologist at SapientNitro, you’ll be working in a collaborative environment across of a range of technical, creative and strategy disciplines. As part of the 2014 Campus Hire, you’ll be teamed with a cohort of junior graphic designers, copywriters, strategists, account managers and experience designers. Under the direction on your mentors, this group will concept and then execute highly creative, highly innovative ideas for our clients.


You will be an unusual mix of conceptual and technical – comfortable thinking of left field digital marketing ideas, but equally capable of able of thinking of and executing upon a technical way of prototyping those ideas.


You’ll have a huge appetite for tinkering, being a maker, a hacker and prototype creator.

Happy to get your hands dirty with code or physical technology.


You’ll blur boundaries.


You won’t have much experience at this point in your career, nor will you be an expert coder or fabricator. But you will able to prove that you have a flair and passion for both. This will be demonstrated at interview by the products, objects or art pieces you’ve created that make heavy use of technology.


You’ll be willing to spend significant time honing your craft in a creative environment. With a view to eventually growing your talents with us to the concept and execution of game changing digital experiences we can take to market.



Primary Responsibilities:

● Working collaboratively but with some direction from senior colleagues to iteratively, ideate and prototype digital and/or physical experiences.

● Be the technical subject matter expert within a creative team.

● Communicate with a range of disciplines

● Help make differentiated experiences


Experience Guidelines:

● Less than 1 year of professional work experience

● Examples of making digitally driven real world objects, products, or artwork

● Ability to code…

● A working knowledge of interactivity and the web.

● An interest in digital marketing.

● Passion for technology and eagerness to collaborate with other creative people.

○ We’re deliberately being vague here – it’s not about what language(s) you speak and more that you understand how to make machines do your


○ All of the big languages (JavaScript, Java, C#, Python, Ruby…) are welcomed here and we encourage the esoteric when appropriate (R,

Arduino, Pig Latin, Haskell, Lisp, Assembly…).

○ You understand that the Internet is both a bunch of bits and a fundamental shift in how we connect with information and each other.

○ You’re comfortable bumping into, redefining and working around limitations in leading edge technologies. Playing around with pre-alpha software should excite (and only mildly frustrate) you.

○ This touches all sides of experiences – from how they’re constructed to why the work on emotional/social levels.

○ You appreciate the value of understanding people’s wants/needs and connecting with clients in meaningful ways.

○ While you certainly have streaks of solo creation, you also realize that great work rarely happens alone.

○ Your passion should be infectious. You’ll readily share, sell and shape ideas –

○ You strive to understand and develop concepts with people who wear all sorts of different hats. As part of this, you’ll embrace continually learning.

● Self motivated, organized and accountable.

● Some travel may be required very occasionally.

● Graduation date of May 2013 to August 2014



<<<<<<<SCI/Bachelor’s >>>>>degree required


About SapientNitro

SapientNitroSM, part of Sapient®, is an integrated marketing and technology services

firm. We create and engineer highly relevant experiences that accelerate business

growth and fuel brand advocacy for our clients. By combining multi-channel marketing,

multi-channel commerce, and the technology that binds them, we influence customer

behavior across the spectrum of content, communication and commerce channels,

resulting in deeper, more meaningful relationships between customers and brands.

SapientNitro services global leaders such as Chrysler, Citi, The Coca-Cola Company,

Lufthansa, Target and Vodafone through our operations in North America, Europe, and

Asia-Pacific. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter



Sapient is a registered service mark of Sapient Corporation.


*Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with

disabilities to perform the essential functions of this role, which include hearing,

speaking, typing, and occasionally moving and/or lifting up to 15 pounds.


Contact:  Maredol Sarne