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[JOB] robotic mannequins for artists June 21 opening

My partner and I, artist Nina Yankowitz are preparing for the installation of an interactive project at the Guild hall Museum in East Hampton opening June 21st. We’re in great need of hiring a student who would have skills to finish a set of five robotic mannequins. The work would involve sculpting expertise, (we need to build out the mannequins arm sections to look natural, some mechanical expertise, such as servo motors, pulley, and some electronics including some knowledge of Arduino programming. This could be two or three different people but preferably one super student.

contact:  Barry Holden <>

“Criss~Crossing The Divine” Opening reception Saturday, June 28 – 4pm to 6pm.

The exhibit will be on display from June 21 to July 27 2014

Guild Hall Art Museum 158 Main St, East Hampton, New York 11937

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As the world turns, so do our perspectives. In an attempt to underscore that

religious intolerance is a function of something other than different religious

beliefs, “CRISS~CROSSING THE DIVINE” provides interactive games that

ordain each player as a collaborator; a co-participant in dialog with sacred texts.

As people enter the Guild Hall museum gallery space, here transformed into a

conceptual sanctuary, they encounter robotic Devotees of five major faiths. Three

are performing respective, rhythmic, quintessential gestures like actors

conversing with each other, playing roles to reflect thematic content in the video.

The scenario depicts a world where religious intolerance causes HOUSES OF

WARSHIP to eternally explode and shatter all shelters of faith. Two other

Devotees appear to levitate while inviting visitors to play the interactive games

on the gallery walls. Participants can curate topics and explore the tenets of five

different faiths. Using an infrared wand or paintbrush, people can search for

meaning in all the left and right and in-between places of religious texts,

assigning more or less importance to each topic-word they choose to search

while color-coded text results simultaneously display on the wall. These are

drawn from the unique ability of the proprietary database and custom software to

blend and integrate the player’s weighted topic-words to inform the search results

that appear as an unfolding projected scroll. When the participant is ready to exit,

they press the SAVE button to receive a code number to retrieve an artist signed

printout of their personal search results at the museum store or view them at a

dedicated website to learn from which religions their color-coded texts originated.

*Nina Yankowitz, Artist, U.S. Director, Installation Design

*Mauri Kaipainen Se. multi-perspective search engine design

*Peter Koger, Vienna, Software/hardware Interface Designer

*Barry Holden, Architect U.S. Project Coordinator

*Tim Mills Consulting, U.S. Robotic Engineer

*Consultants Pia Tikka & Rasmus Vuori

Nina Yankowitz team contact