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[INTERN] The Havas CHI Summer Intern Draft

Starting TODAY, they can go to where they will apply normally/upload resume/portfolio. The micro-site provides instructions for jumping on social media to join the draft process with this summer’s hashtag #internfightclub. They will be asked to partake in a bunch of fun challenges to try to prove they deserve 1 of the 15 total internship spots. SEE OFFICIAL EMAIL BLAST BELOW.

The insta-draft recruiting process will be live today thru Friday, 3/20 11:59 CST We’ll confirm 15 interns by March, 3/25.

Please let interested candidates know we do things a bit differently here at Havas Chicago… we’ve been using social media the past few years to recruit, which has been a fun, super successful process for identifying passionate, driven, ‘creatively-minded’ talent within all departments. The mix per department is also driven by the talent shows up, which is one of the reasons we’ve been successful in converting these interns. We don’t ‘force fit’.

At Havas, we treat our interns like real employees (it’s more of an apprenticeship!), which can make them essential to how we do business so honestly, it’s been one of the most successful ways we fill our entry-level spots with 50% conversion to full-time. All internship are paid too. It’s a 10 week program. This summer’s program will be Monday June 8 – Friday August 14.


Tape up your fists, chug a raw egg and get ready for this summer’s Havas CHI intern draft – #internfightclub. You’ll have to prove that you’re a heavy hitter by completing as many Instagram Challenge Rounds as you think it will take to knock us on our asses.

Those contenders who prevail will be asked to:

  • Hone their ad-world skills on real agency projects
  • Help provide top-notch client service
  • Provide creative and strategic input

There’s the bell, so step into our ring.