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[GIGs] Coding and Design, Human Impacts Institute

Hello ITPers,


I’m on the board of the nonprofit the Human Impacts Institute, and we’re working together with some amazing organizations and people on a project showcasing the stories of 10 powerful women who are addressing climate change in different ways in NYC. The women range from a NASA scientist to a South Bronx activist to a teenager who lost her home  to Hurricane Sandy.

This project already has an outdoor art installation and an event associated with it. Because we hope this work will inspire a wide audience to tell their own stories and take action around climate change, we believe it’s terribly important for it to also have a shareable digital presence – and that’s where we’re hoping you’ll want to come in.

In short: The foundation for all of this is podcasts that we’re creating (in collaboration with StoryCorps and Winters Past) from conversations with the women. Together with a designer from Parsons, we’re designing an outdoor multimedia exhibit to share these stories in order to help people “step into the footprints” of these women, taking action on climate change.

The launch event, June 17 – held in in partnership with the German consulate and German mission to the UN (and possibly other other EU partners) for EU Climate Day – will be a party featuring musicians, spoken word and other artists, who are collaborating together to tell the women’s stories through song and other mediums.

Now we’re looking for someone(s) with great coding and design chops who is interested in building a shareable, interactive online presence for the project. Unfortunately, we don’t have a budget for this (I’m volunteering my time as well.) That said, this could be a great way to make new contacts, especially considering the powerful partners we’ve enrolled. I work fulltime at Human Rights Watch on their digital team, and am happy to barter, in case there’s anything I can help you with.

The deadline to have the digital presence complete is June 1. Let me know if you’re interested in collaborating with us on this project, and we can go from there. You can reach me at



Amy Braunschweiger