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[CALL / GIG] Designers and Creative Technologists, Digital Narratives Lab by Magnum Foundation

We are currently looking for talented young designers and creative technologists to work as Design facilitators during our Digital Narratives Lab, on May 2nd & May 3rd from 9:30am – 6:00pm at The Brown Institute for Media Innovation at Columbia University. These facilitators will be paired with a photographer to develop a comprehensive concept map and prototype for their project. They will assist as thought partners in strategically assessing the needs of the photographer’s project and will collaborate in the visualization of its digital form. We are able to offer a modest honorarium for this role of $200 per day.


ITP students who are interested in this role should reach out to Emma and Kate by Monday, 11:00am. 

*Please send an email with a CV, a work sample (or your website), and a short description of what you think your strengths are, in regards to the notes outlined below

This is a brief description of the lab:

The documentary landscape has been radically altered by massive cultural and technological shifts over the past decade – from the emergence of social media reporting and smartphonography to data journalism. Photographers and journalists are now faced with incredible new challenges and opportunities to shape visual storytelling for social impact. So while independent reporters are adopting emerging digital tools, news corporations and media startups are almost moving strategically into interactive journalism, to produce more immersive and shareable stories. 

The Photography, Expanded Lab is comprised of a panel presentation, followed by a two-day intensive workshop. The panel will examine a wide range of innovative approaches to documentary storytelling across digital media, while the workshop offers a deeper dive into the application of online and interactive strategies and tools for long-form documentary photography stories. Selected Columbia Journalism School students will join other selected participants – practicing photographers, journalists, designers, and engineers – to collaborate to develop new projects focused on social justice or human rights issues.

More information about the lab & panel presentation can be found on our website:

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EMMA RAYNES Director of Programs

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