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[JOB] 72U Opportunity

72U is a creative residency exploring the intersection of art, technology and culture. 72U is great for recent MFA grads transitioning into the creative industry or for people that have been out of school for a couple years and are looking to pivot their careers. We end up hiring about 65% of the participants that go through the program – others end up at think tanks, production companies, or ad agencies.
Deadline to apply for the Fall session 2015 session is June 5th.

Thanks so much!

– Karen
// More info about 72U: 
72U is an intensive 3 month program designed for makers and risk takers who want to grow their talents and creativity within a professional setting. If accepted there is no tuition.

Each session is redesigned based on what’s happening in culture, participants’ skill sets and interests, and the opportunities that are presented. The multi-disciplinary team learns from each other as well as from industry professionals, through project-based collaboration, hands-on instruction and working with 72andSunny teams on brand assignments. The 72U experience is about thinking big and taking creative risks.

Also, please check out some of our recent work on our Vimeo: 72U Vimeo