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[GIG] Builder/Creator for Custom conductive surface/gestural “password”

We are looking to hire an NYU ITP graduate or related company for a special, short-term project.
I have a small but prominent and immediate opportunity, directly
requested by the President and CTO of a major technology company. This project has very high, long-term visibility to major corporations and Nobel Prize-level technology and science researchers within a permanent installation at company headquarters.
The client request:
“A unique way of opening automatic sliding glass doors.”
Our concept:
On an all-glass room, the user stands in front of a locked pair of sliding glass doors. By swiping their finger in a unique, up-and-down pattern along the seam of two glass panels adjacent to the doors, the doors will open and the user can enter.
The input hardware to do this should be invisible, and narrow enough to fit within the roughly 1/4” seam between the two glass panes. The hardware configuration will need to send an on/off signal to the doors via an existing AMX system via network, contact closure or serial communication.
Our immediate need (before 5/14):
  • Budget estimate
  • Timeline estimate
  • High level (napkin sketch) concept drawing with description, recommended solution
  • Qualifications and experience with this type of project
Thank you for your consideration,
Russell Reich
Senior Vice President, Creative Strategy