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[INTERN] Production Assistant/Intern, Narrative 360 Video Series “Invisible”

I am currently working on a series for Samsung VR and we are looking for an intern/production assistant.  We would love to have an ITPer on the team!
“Invisible” is a 6 part narrative 360 video series for samsung vr being produced and directed by Doug Liman.
The production assistant would be working with the post production supervisor on previs (Unity) during prep and then on set during production.
The project is in pre production now and will be in production from Jan 4th through jan 22nd.  There is the possibility of staying involved through post but a commitment beyond jan 22. is not required.
I understand that everyone is finishing up their projects (first priority) and time is limited.  The pre production time commitment is absolutely flexible.   There is limited compensation.
Please have anyone interested respond to me at with the subject “Invisible PA”