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JOB: Local Projects, Project Managers

Hi everyone,
Local Projects is now hiring PM positions…see description below!
I’ve worked here for a year now and happy to answers questions, etc. offline too…drop me a line if you’re interested and want me to pass along your info.
All the Best,

Local Projects is currently seeking an experienced Project Manager to help lead teams that shape the future of museum and public spaces by fusing technologically advanced media catalysts into a  drive towards collaborative human storytelling.

The best Project Managers at Local Projects have demonstrated experience in managing teams through constantly shifting scopes, key goals, ongoing client reviews and creative deadlines over long term projects (at least six months to a year). Project Managers lead collaboratively with Creative Directors on teams with staff visual experience designers, user interface designers, creative technologists, strategists and content developers. This position requires good skills regarding mapping out the scope: time needed and budget–which evolves as the project progresses, team dynamics management, strong detail management and the ability to manage positive client relationships. The ideal Project Manager needs to be able to conceptualize the project and maintain the big picture view from concept, design, production, launch and warranty phases. We would love someone with a personal passion to develop and produce highly innovative pieces and who can track and facilitate next steps on complex projects from conception through installation and beyond.

Our projects demand very special individuals, who can both drive and shadow the creative process while producing easy to comprehend status reports, presentations and updates for clients and collaborators.

Candidates must have a strong technical understanding of both the front and back end development process for multiple media especially large space interactive screens, mobile screen projects, web and kiosk development. Project Managers need to be open to working on projects that involve new media formats that become the right ones for future projects.

Candidates should have 5-7 years of relevant experience coordinating projects from concept through design, prototyping and installation. Candidates should have a strong foundation in traditional design documentation as well as a high comfort level developing and maintaining budgets, production schedules and other associated project administration standards.

Candidates must be able to lead as well as collaborate with a strong design team and complex/intelligent clientele.

The Project Manager will work in partnership with a Creative Director on each project reporting to a Senior Project Manager and work closely with the Studio Director and Principal.

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