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CALL: NYU Media Research lab, virtual reality

Call For Applicants:

The NYU Media Research Lab (MRL) is presently seeking to fill a variety of roles to support the work we are doing in virtual reality. Candidates must be strong self starters and must be enthusiastic about virtual reality and its applications. Our projects are centered around “Holojam”, a VR platform that allows many people to inhabit the same physical and virtual space at the same time. We also make use of every major VR hardware platform.

Research scientist:

This position is a part time NYU Faculty position. We are seeking a candidate with a broad skill set and a willingness to learn and challenge themselves.

Back-end: In order to facilitate our work with shared, virtual spaces we will need help building servers on a low level as well as interacting with higher level frameworks like Photon for Unity.

Front-end: The candidate will have a good sense of UI and UX design and the ability to implement their ideas, ideally with C# in Unity as well as Javascript.

Management/Communication: We are looking to bring our work to the world. We need help managing and documenting our projects and communicating with institutions and individuals outside of NYU.


We are also seeking to build a roster of specialists to help with specific projects on a contract basis: 3D artists, 2D artists, artisans, programmers, documentarians, etc.


We are seeking to engage with artists and developers who are interested in creating projects in shared virtual worlds. Small grants and resources will be made available to individuals or teams with strong portfolios and production backgrounds and areas of inquiry which align with our work. We will favor those whose work will include the development of open source tools. If you are interested in working with MRL as a fellow please include a short paragraph about the work you would be interested in pursuing with us, what kinds of resources you would be looking for and links to your CV and portfolio.


Paid and unpaid internships are available. Summer interns will be expected to work on-site a minimum of 10 hours per week. Paid interns will be compensated at a standard University rate. Course credit may be provided in addition to or in lieu of payment. We will need the following: 3D artists, 2D artists, Unity programmers.

If you are interested in applying for any of these positions please send a brief cover letter and links to your CV and portfolio to:

David Lobser <>

Please include [MRL/Applicant] in the title of your e-mail

Located in the heart of Manhattan, computer science research at the NYU Media Research Lab is incredibly interdisciplinary: we are interested in computer graphics, geometric modeling, simulation, visualization, scientific computing, machine learning, computer vision, mobile robotics, digital libraries, human movement, motion capture, and human-computer interaction. We are involved in numerous cross-disciplinary collaborations with mathematicians, engineers and artists.