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JOB: Open Media Studies Position Fall 2016, The Ross School

K-6 Media Studies Instructor
Open Position – August 2016
The Ross School, East Hampton, NY
The Ross School is seeking new faculty to implement the Ross Media Studies
K-12 curriculum for the 2016–2017 school year. This is a sterling opportunity for
individuals conversant in media studies and production to inspire young
learners and instill advanced media skills through project-based learning.
The largest boarding/day school in New York, the Ross School is one of the only
K-12 institutions featuring media studies in its core curriculum. The Media
Studies program synthesizes critical analysis, media history, audiovisual
production, and programming.
At the lower school level (K-6), students develop transmedia projects while
studying an array of creative work – ranging from filmmakers Charlie Chaplin
and Stan Brakhage to cartoonist Ed Emberley to designers Ray and Charles
Eames to emergent breakthroughs in data visualization. Students additionally
explore how media influence broad social and political movements while
affecting our emotions, our psychology, and our environment.
The ideal candidate will have strong proficiency in either media history, digital
citizenship, graphic design, or coding. Candidates able to teach from an
integrated perspective encompassing English, cultural history, and science are
especially encouraged to apply.
Candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies, Communication,
Rhetoric, Design, History (or related discipline), and a minimum 2 years’
teaching experience.
Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and a resume to For more information about Ross School, visit
● Implement an interdisciplinary media studies curriculum in grades K-6,
teaching critical studies- and production-based courses and electives
● Collaborate with faculty from cultural history, science, and English to
enhance integrated learning experiences for students
● Prepare students to critically examine how media operates in their lives
and surrounding world as a major social, political, and environmental
● Excellent, demonstrated teaching ability
● Strong proficiency in one of the following: media history, digital
citizenship, graphic design, or coding.
● Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies, Communication, Rhetoric, Design,
History, or related discipline
● Knowledge of politics and current events
● Familiarity with integrating a variety of technologies into the classroom
● Value creativity and collaboration
● Willing to experiment with educational strategies
● Possess a sense of humor, and an abiding interest in the unconventional
and idiosyncratic
● Willing to support students inside and outside the classroom
● Flawless written, oral, and interpersonal skills
● Highly organized and efficient in time management, responsible and
● Two years experience in projects-based learning
● Master’s degree in Media Studies, Communication, Rhetoric, History, or
related discipline
● Multilingual