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JOB: Head of IT, Black Math

Head of IT
Black Math is looking for a full-time Head of IT. Candidate will proactively explore, test and upkeep new and current technology to ensure the highest levels of quality. Strong analytical, organizational, and communication skills required. Candidates must have extensive working knowledge of servers, raids, networks, Mac, Windows, and the Internet. Interest in VFX/animation/digital/interactive/UX applications and environments is a plus, as well as experience with html5, java, python, C++ and Linux.

Write to with the job title in the subject line. Please include a resume and cover letter.

About Black Math
Black Math makes cool stuff that usually relates to advertising. Our goal is to deliver messages, tell stories, and convey feelings in ways that are intelligent, creative, and unexpected. We are brought to you by the color teal, the number 5, and the taste of donuts.

As a creative partner we design, develop, illustrate, code, write, shoot, create, build, compose, edit and animate stuff that serves our clients’ needs and makes us feel cool. We are asked to work in many capacities from “do this please” to “I have no idea what I want” and enjoy them all equally.

Essentially, we’re a sweet little production shop in Boston making really cool stuff. In addition to making sure our day-to-day tech is running smoothly, we have all sorts of creative outlets/technology that need nurturing. Let me know if there is anything further we could provide or if you know of any students graduating in the near future or recent alumni who may be a good fit, please reach out.