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JOB: Arduino programmer

Experimental arduino programmers and p-comp students needed for experimental trash project as part of the living lab… see details below.
Sugar Hill Capital Partners (SHCP) and it’s in-house design firm, Nada, buy/sell/renovate/manage hundreds of buildings in NYC.  This is a great opportunity for data collection and real world experimentation.
SHCP is starting a living lab which will be an ideas space where we assign real problems to students, designers, scientists, engineers etc. to generate the cutting edge solutions.
One of these problems is to create a ‘trash scale’ to measure and analyze the amount of trash that our buildings produce.  We will build a platform with weight sensors or load cells underneath it, and place all the trash bins on it. It  will work as a large scale that will help us measure the current production of garbage. The sensors could be connected to an arduino which could constantly transmit data to a website or datalog.
Our end goal here is to gather the data on the garbage produced, then engage building tenants to make changes to reduce the waste. Then measure the garbage again to prove success.  It’s a real sustainability move where we can make a positive change and see results quickly.  Also this could lead to other solutions once we have the data.
We are looking for a few candidates who can help us program and implement the data collection.
We are looking to speak with interested candidates this week, please let me know if you have anyone.
Karla Karwas
Senior Designer
256 W 116th St, FL 2
New York, NY 10026