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INTERN: VR Controller Prototyping

Project Title: VR Controller Prototyping

Project Description

We’re looking for a fantastic experimentalist, whether they’re a hardware and/or software prototyper, who wants to play a vital role in building out a new medium for computing and entertainment. We need someone who can operate quickly, learn from failure and iterate all along the path from ideation to demo. A key goal of the team is to imagine future experiences and identify the most promising technologies & designs to enable them.

As a prototyper, you will serve at that synthesis of design and technology. You will take (and help invent) 2-3 new controller concepts and bring them to life in an effort to explore novel interactions in virtual reality. This might involve new controller form factors, button designs, & actuation methods for feedback. You’ll partner with industrial & interaction designers as well as ux & software engineers to turn these concepts into software & hardware prototypes that we could then use to set the stage for future products.

What languages and/or technologies will your interns need to know to work on this?

The ideal candidate will have a sensitivity for good design & user experiences and will have dabbled with microcontrollers. They would need to have confidence of basic skills in at least the Software Prototyping category, however, knowledge of both, even at the cost of deep experience in either, is a major plus:

  • Software Prototyping:

    • Unity or other game engine experience creating tools, plugins, scripts, editor debug and asset import tools, integrating additional libraries and external plugins

    • Programming experience in C/C++, C#, or similar for programming new concepts in said game engines

  • Hardware Prototyping:

    • Altium, Eagle, KiCAD, or similar methods for circuit design & layout

    • Arduino, Processing, Java, Openframeworks, C/C++, or similar methods for programming microcontrollers

    • Soldering, breadboarding, and other basic skills needed to assemble hardware prototypes
If interested, please send me your portfolio and resume at