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CALL The Virtual Reality Lab opps for students

The Virtual Reality Lab has two opportunities for current ITP students:

1)      The lab will be holding its final exhibition at the Time-Life building on Friday, Jan 27,, 2017 (time/hours TBA). TIME Inc. is the exclusive media sponsor of the event, which tends to be jam-packed and great fun! The lab has reserved 5 exhibition slots for current ITP students to display projects using immersive technology – e.g., VR/AR/MR. The projects must be finished prototypes (or on the road to being presentable by late Jan!).

If interested, send a one-paragraph description of your project and CV (or link to webpage bio) to:

2)      The lab will provide 5 scholarships for the spring VR Lab for ITP students. To view a brief of the program, see: Note: The spring schedule will be announced over the next few weeks. In general, it will run from mid-to-late February through April at MAGNET/NYU in Brooklyn. The only condition of the scholarship is that you must attend at least 9 out of the 12-16 sessions.

To apply, send a one-paragraph description of the immersive project you intend to make and CV (or link to webpage bio) to: