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JOB: summer teaching at Zaniac Jersey City

STEAM Instructors Wanted
Math, Minecraft, LEGO Robotics, Computer Programming & More!
Build your resume through:
Work Experience
Teach small group STEAM Enrichment classes & provide homework assistance for K-8 in Jersey City
Learn leadership skills by working with a broad customer base at a fast growing company
Community Involvement
Help kids love math and technology! Work with students to improve their confidence and academic performance
Now Hiring Zaniac Instructors:
Part-time jobs around $15/hour
High tech & fun work environment
Flexible working hours
Minimum availability of 6 hours per week (more during summer break)
Courses offered at Zaniac:
Zane Math, Game-based
Learning: Minecraft, 3D game
Design, Robotics: Lego,
Computer programming,
3D printing, Tinkering, Chess,
Fashion Design, game Modding,
App Creation, 3D Game Design
and Homework Help
To apply email your resume to
Zaniac Jersey City
125 First St
Jersey City NJ 07302