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JOB: School of The NY Times seeks teacher for two-day summer classes on Tech Innovation

I’m hoping to directly reach my target audience, i.e. people who can teach one or both of two two-day modules in Tech Innovation for The School of The NY Times pre-college program, Summer Academy 2017.
These classes are part of our Explorations series, an interdisciplinary course in which four specialist instructors teach two consecutive days in their field of specialty. Another instructor – called the Course Leader – accompanies the students to all four modules, and does the overall course planning, so that the specialist instructors are only responsible for their module.
We have two different themed courses:
  • Term 2B (M 6/26 – F 7/7, with Tech Innovation offered on M 6/26 & T 6/27)

Finance / Ethics / Law / Tech Innovation

  • Term 3A (Sun 7/9 – Th 7/20, with Tech Innovation offered on F 7/14 & M 7/17)

Microfinance / Sustainability / Tech Innovation / Inside the UN

Each module (i.e. the two consecutive days, which run from 9am – 4pm) pay $2K.
Please feel free to pass this posting on to anyone you think would be interested.
Julie Bleha
Assistant Director, Pre-College Programs
The School of The New York Times