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JOB: Architectronics Inc, EdTech and invention company


Architectronics, Inc., an EdTech and invention company located in Manhattan focusing on STEM education is developing and launching a number of new products, and continuing to sell products it has created.


We are looking for people to join the effort as a partner.


If interested, please contact Stephen Lewis,





Architectronics is an active long-established business, developing hardware and software, and selling products, since incorporating in 1986.  Covering a wide variety of creative and innovative endeavors over the years, Architectronics has developed children’s books, films for Sesame Street, CAD software user interfaces, ultrasonic measuring devices, unique animation engines, interactive storefronts, and many others.  We hold two patents and several trademarks.


Our most current projects include sensor interface boards and sensor sets for STEM education, programmable robots, interactive software for classrooms, museum exhibits, and a number of offbeat digital art projects.




Here are some of the projects we are focusing on, in addition to the imminent launch of several new products.  As can be seen on the web site, a big focus is on providing simple and inexpensive tools for STEM, invention, physics and coding.  These include web development projects, sophisticated coding in C or Javascript, demonstration programs and videos, social media presence, etc.


  • Building out our hardware and coding platform, which uses P5JS.
  • Developing software, curriculum and demos for our new ProgrammaBot robotics platform.
  • Improving or re-developing the PlotSense data display and logging software
  • An autonomous unicycle based on Marcel DuChamp’s readymade of 1913.  Part of our WhatWouldChampDu? project.
  • Developing a Javascript graphical and functional interface for our new board Make!Things, which interfaces with sensors and also actuators like LEDs, buzzers, motors.
  • Improving the web site,, with a much clearer design, more movies, better link structure, graphics and information presentation.
  • Developing more examples of how to use Make!Sense, software and physical components for the study of physics and general science.  These would amplify what we have already done, under the Make!Science menu tab on the www.makesense.coweb site.
  • Building out an experimental curriculum that we have designed, which combines physics experiments, math and computer science simulations.
  • Preparing mailings and reaching out to customers, journals, bloggers, etc. to get more public awareness of the project
  • Visiting schools and makerspaces that are using Make!Sense and helping them make the most of the product or giving demos of the product.

For more information, please contact me.