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(JOB) Experiential Technician for VR Studio

New Reality Company, the award-winning creative studio co-founded by Winslow Porter (‘10) and Milica Zec, is looking for an experiential technician to accompany us during showings of our newest piece Tree.

The second installment of our VR/AR trilogy, Tree premiered at Sundance before going onto Tribeca, TED, and Cannes Film Festival; it will continue its run at many more engagements all around the world to be announced throughout the summer. As such, we are seeking an adaptable team player proficient in interactive technology and experienced in giving VR demos at conferences, events, and festivals.


  • Intermediate-to-advanced proficiency in Unreal Engine

  • Ability to switch out RAM, handle graphics cards, and set up functional VR demos whether in an office, a museum, or a film festival

  • Knowledge of Arduino, MAX/MSP and general P-comp skills

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and a knack for conveying information to participants

  • Well-organized

  • Relaxed under pressure and able to meet tight deadlines

  • Enjoys a healthy dose of 80s pop music and can lend a few new playlists to the rotation

This is a paid position. Compensation is hourly and varies by event. If interested, please send your resume and availability to

Looking forward to meeting you all soon,

Winslow, Milica and Team

Winslow Turner Porter III