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JOB: front end dev for e-sports app

Studio Nemo is looking for an experienced front-end developer (contractor or a small shop) to support development of an e-sports tournament admin software over the next two months.
It’s a fun product with great exposure and would start immediately​. Currently tech stack is react/redux/webpack/… for the client side and node as app-server w mongodb as the backbone. All running in AWS leveraging github/Travis/codedeploy as CI/CD pipeline.
You should have experience with the react side of things and/or if you want to expand scope we are open to discuss.
There’s definitely more work down the line but right now we are targeting the main event in late August in London.
If you’re interested or want to hear more get in touch at
This is a paid gig. $ depends on scope, speed and experience.
Nemo is a studio headquartered in Hamburg, Germany but we sit across multiple time zones. You can be based anywhere as long as you can communicate reliably and push to github …
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Studio Nemo GmbH — Am Veringhof 23b –– 21107 Hamburg

Registered Office:        Hamburg
District Court:                   Hamburg — HRB 142634
Managing Director:        Neil Hickey-Hinouchi, Marco Störmer


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