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JOB: setting up workshop studios and fabrication labs

At this university in Saudi, PNU, I am in a process of setting up this university’s workshop spaces. Rector gave me the task to set up College of Art and Design’s workshop rooms(wood, metal, 3D, media, etc.). During our project on making their curriculum development two years ago, we did provide them with basic recommendation of how to set up the workshop areas but they did not have anyone to implement it until now.  So while I am on campus during my sabbatical year, rector is really putting effort to get this area done. But as I am not full expert on technical part, I said it is best to bring in the right person to provide information how to set up equipment and how to facilitate. Rector agreed and she told me to recommend right person to come to visit here at PNU. Female..of course.


I am searching for the right person to come for setting up the workshop rooms. I am wondering if you are able to do the following;

-Come to PNU/Princess Noura Abdulrahman University for Women for 4 weeks as visiting technician/artist and it would be best to do before December or ealy January.

-Provide a list of equipment to order for the wood and metal workshop and 3D fabrication shops, etc.

-Help on layout plan(equipment layout where to put which equipment based on the floor space they have-attached a plan for reference)

-Give training to technicians how to run the workshop and using equipment


You will be compensated for the  workshop/training sessions and, of course, airfare plus accommodation paid.  This will be great opportunity for you to come and see the world’s largest women university(50,000 female students on campus).  But they have no workshop or lab facilities yet after 7 years of establishment. So, it is from ground 0 you will be giving instruction how to set up and facilitate the workshop room.


I would appreciate if you could give me your reply at your earliest convenience. If you say yes, and give me when is the earliest time you can come, then I can make a proposal to PNU and process.  As we have to order the equipment and layout the room, your earliest reply will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

Prof. Dr. Swoo K. Suh


Prof. Swoo K. Suh (徐秀卿),Ph.D

교수 서수경 _ 숙명여자대학교 미술대학 환경디자인과

Professor _ Environmental Design, College of Art & Design, Sookmyung Women’s University, Korea

External Advisor & Visiting Professor _ Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University for Women, KSA

C.P. +82-(0)10-8578-9357  / +966-(0)56-199-4358

Swoo K. Suh <>