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JOB: Genspace Community Manager and Director of Science Education

Folks should send resume and cover letters to

Director of Science Education

About the Position

Genspace is searching for a Director of Science Education to teach biotechnology classes and build curricula for our cohort of high school, university, and adult students. We offer hands-on workshops, courses, and project support in the life sciences in areas such as molecular, cellular, and synthetic biology at our lab facility in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The Director of Science Education will work closely with Genspace’s Executive Director and program staff.


·       Lead curriculum development of new biotech classes, workshops, and programs

·       Teach 1-3 weekly biotech courses and workshops at Genspace in varying levels of difficulty

·       Oversee all educational programming at Genspace as well as recruit instructors to lead engaging classes workshops

·       Create strong learning outcomes that measure proficiency of hard skills and qualitative information related to the classroom experience

·       Lead instructor trainings, check-ins, and evaluations to ensure we’re effectively supporting our instructors and students

·       Teach synthetic biology to local high school students as part of our Biorocket program during spring and summer semesters 



·     A doctoral degree in the life sciences (cell, molecular, and synthetic biology preferred)

·       Commitment to citizen science and providing wider access to biotech

·      Passion about teaching biology and working with students from underrepresented backgrounds

·       Have an interest in the biotech education space, including an understanding of trends, methodologies, and technologies to engage audiences effectively

·       Have strong project management skills 

·       Have 1-3 years of applicable lab experience, which includes work in education

Preferred Qualifications

·       Have 1 to 3 years experience working with high school students or young adults from diverse backgrounds

·       Experience working with yeast and bacteria

·       Interest in multiple subject areas in the life sciences

·       Interest in bioart, biodesign, and the science and technology studies


Genspace Community Manager


About the Position

Genspace is searching for a Community Manager to develop our relationships with the public, partners, and our community. This role requires the administration of day-to-day aspects of Genspace including, but not limited to, scheduling, coordinating, and running events, classes, workshops and programs. The Community Manager will work closely with the Executive Director and staff to develop Genspace’s public relations, support our growing community on social media, and create engaging content that reflects our mission to make biotechnology accessible to a wider audience. 


·       Create strategic marketing/communications plans for Genspace events, classes, and programs. 

·       Administrate events, classes, and programs

·       Manage social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, newsletters and other strategically relevant properties, including providing engaging, text, photo, and video content 

·       Develop analytics to measure success and continually find ways to improve on those metrics through testing and new initiatives.

·       Field incoming requests in a timely manner, including questions from the public and media 

·       Build relationships with media and other organizations that will help grow public awareness of Genspace



·       Bachelors Degree

·       1-2 years experience as a community manager

·       Hands on Experience with social media management for brands

·       Excellent verbal communication skills

·       Excellent writing skills    

·       Experience with event coordination 

·       Attention to detail, organization, and ability to multitask.


Preferred Qualifications

·       3 years experience as a community manager

·       Passion for science communication

·       Commitment to citizen science and providing wider access to biotech

·       Proficiency in Photoshop, InDesign, and Excel