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JOB: Animation Area Technician at NYU Tisch, 8th Floor

Pros:  Enough downtime for personal projects.  Tuition remission.  Great health care.

Cons:  The hours are M-F, 3pm to 11pm  (except during the summer, you can negotiate for 1-9pm)

To be totally honest, this is probably a better job for your friend who wants to go to ITP than it is for paying off your ITP loans… but on the other hand, great healthcare ’cause it’s a union gig.

What they’re looking for:  Someone with an animation and/or film and TV background, familiar with Adobe products (mainly After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere), and a glancing familiarity with 3D animation products like Cinema 4D and Maya is helpful.  A surface-level knowledge of computer networks is a huge bonus.  Macintosh tech support and more generally customer service skills are super useful.  Experience with stop motion animation is a huge plus, too.

The title changed from “Animation Technician” to “Senior Computer Network Technician”  so I could get a raise, but because of the title, we’re getting too many Network Engineers applying, and not enough say, animators.

So my job is opening up.  Here’s the link:

If it doesn’t work, go to:

And search the “USA” section for posting number: 2017-3958

Here’s the official description, but don’t let it intimidate you.
More information about this job
Position Summary
Monitor daily 2D and 3D animation computer lab activities to ensure provision of general lab services. Set up and install hardware and specialized animation software such as Maya and Nuke in labs, classrooms and production facilities including multimedia workstations, digital audio and video equipment, and local area networks. Instruct students with use of hardware, software and tools. Conduct individual and group training workshops in coordination with faculty to demonstrate equipment (e.g., hardware, software, fabrication tools) and technical concepts and applications. Provide technical support for use of computer lab facilities. Train students and faculty on the use of the server/s as shared resources.
Required Education:  High School diploma and relevant technical training

Preferred Education:  Bachelor’s degree in relevant field. Course work or training in animation.

Required Experience: 3 years’ experience providing technical support for personal computer or local area network. Experience with multimedia and audio visual equipment in a creative and/or academic environment.

Preferred Experience: Experience in an academic environment.

Required Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:  Ability to set up, maintain, troubleshoot, and perform complex repairs*, and resolve routine and non-routine problems with computer hardware and animation software. Ability to work with a diverse student population. Ability to prioritize and assign work to technical support staff and casual employees. Proficiency with Microsoft OS, Mac OS, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Flash** and /or Dreamweaver, HTML, Java, Lighwave*** and Maya, Dragon Frame, Nuke and DSLR Cameras. Familiarity with Internet/Web-based applications and video equipment. Ability to install and maintain software licenses. Track software license numbers. Maintain the floating license server and ability to restore service when server is down.

My Notes:
* Not that complex, imho
** We don’t use FCP anymore, and Flash is now called Animate, but we’re using Harmony Toon Boom instead (I didn’t know it when I started)
*** I don’t think we use Lightwave?!

Erin Finnegan
Animation Area Technician
New York University
721 Broadway
8th Floor, Rm 852
New York, NY 10003