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JOB: Project Producer, Midnight Commercial

Company Name:
Midnight Commercial

Company Overview:
Midnight Commercial incubates internal projects and works for
extraordinary clients on a range of endeavors including experiential
and product design, strategy, research, and long-term innovations. Our
focus is on the intersection of advanced technology, physical space,
and human behavior, but not in any one context or agenda. We remain
open to possibility and accept new challenges often. This job requires
someone excited to work on many different things; someone capable of
churning ambiguity into expressed reality.

Company Website:

Job/Internship Title:
Project Producer

Job/Internship Description:

You would be responsible for independently managing the production and
deployment of complex, technical projects across the globe. Projects
span interactive installations, product development, industrial
design, fine art, and more.

1.      Start as a key contributor to the initial creative discovery
2.      Collaboratively develop production plan, timeline, and budget
3.      Take over ownership of the project upon creative sign-off
4.      Assemble and manage the project team
5.      Oversee and direct all phases of production
6.      Ensure highest-quality work through installation and project close
7.      Document and archive project notes and resources

Required Skills:

The only important qualifications are pure capability and cultural
fit. You don’t need a degree and you don’t need a fancy resume–you do
need to be the best at what you do.

–       Generous, comprehensive, and concise written communication skills
–       Nearly telepathic empathy and interpersonal understanding
–       Deep respect and appreciation for clients, collaborators, and

–       Can learn quickly and perform capably and calmly in any situation
–       Tireless attention to detail and clear global picture of projects in
–       Understanding of your weaknesses and ability to demand help when

–       Expertise in managing complex projects across a variety of domains
–       Familiarity with manufacturing, engineering, and technology
–       Strong understanding of new technologies, platforms, and frameworks
–       Fluency with, and love for project management tools and practices

Type of Position:

This job post can also been seen as a PDF here:

Weekly Hourly Commitment:

Application Instructions:
*This is a full-time, salaried position with benefits. Please inquire
with cover letter and resume and email*