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JOB: Managing Technology Director at SYPartners

The Role

Recognizing the value of technology across all aspects of our transformation business, SYPartners (SYP) has created a new role: Managing Technology Director (MTD). Bringing together our full set of hardware and software capabilities (platform selection and integration, customization, development, etc.), the MTD will ensure that all of SYP’s market-facing initiatives are successful—and that we win in the market based on all capabilities of the firm, including technology.

Your Responsibilities

  • Lead, cultivate, empower and mentor a team of technology strategists, hardware experts, and software developers
  • Partner with business and creative leaders at SYP to pursue, scope, win and deliver great client work
  • Recommend advanced, innovative and economic solutions to technology challenges
  • Work hands-on to program, deliver, integrate and launch new technology examples, prototypes and nimble solutions
  • Support a set of company products and tools (Leadfully, Unstuck, Superpowers, etc.)—along with a wide array of consulting and advisory initiatives (leadership development, diversity & inclusion, workplace well-being, digital transformation, organizational purpose, societal impact, movement making, etc.)

Your Experiences

  • Empowered and guided small technology teams to joyously deliver great work
  • Groomed and grew direct reports to advance in multiple ways
  • Oversaw multiple parallel projects with competing resource demands
  • Integrated off-the-shelf software and hardware offerings to rapidly solve business challenges
  • Built digital tools and products using lean approaches, focused on delivering value (ideally using Ruby-on-Rails and Node)
  • Created prototypes, proof of concepts and MVPs with a mix of custom development and off-the-shelf tools (e.g. WordPress, SquareSpace)
  • Leveraged audio, AR, VR and other technologies to power emotionally compelling, in-person experiences (events, gatherings, tours, workshops, etc.)
  • Developed and deployed native iOS and/or Android applications preferably using both React Native and native languages (i.e. Objective-C, Swift, Java)
  • Made sound decisions and recommendations on when not to use technology, balancing digital with other approaches (paper, human, etc.)

Your Characteristics

  • Profound curiosity: you approach the world with humble fascination.
  • Steadfast commitment: you tirelessly pursue greatness in your work.
  • Determined optimism: you see abundance and possibility, even in the face of adversity.
  • Pragmatic problem-solving: you seek practical approaches and get hands-on, where appropriate.
  • Powerful linguistics: you write, speak and present with authentic clarity and precision.
  • Beautiful creation: you love making gorgeous things and appreciate multiple forms of beauty.
  • Raw intellect: your mind processes copious amounts of data rapidly. You can zoom out to the grandest of views while also diving into atomic-unit details
  • Deep generosity: you give to others, humbly, regularly and without expectation of reciprocity.

Your Aspirations

  • Building: you live to create. To build a great team. To architect recommendations. To construct technology solutions. To make organizations better. To help advance the world.
  • Learning: you aspire to grow. To learn more about people. To master new skills and competencies. To evolve into the best version of your full self.
  • Serving: you wake up each morning to serve others. To give all that you can. To help in unexpected ways. To go beyond your job into your calling.

SYPartners is a transformation company—a group of tireless optimists aspiring to make massive positive impact in business and society.

Using the tools of strategy and design, we partner with executives to transform their businesses. We work alongside leaders tackling societal issues. And we build products that help individuals and teams unlock their potential.

We are based in San Francisco and New York and are a founding member of kyu—a collective of best-in-class creative firms.

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