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JOB: Jobs at Social Impact Design Studio

Here at Hyperakt, we are a team of creators. We are innovative and idealistic; we are constant learners that hone our craft as we go. We’ve found the best way to capitalize on our creative nature is to approach design systematically. Before we start thinking visually, we think strategically: what do our clients want to accomplish? How can beautiful design help their achieve their goals?

We’re seeking a mid-level brand strategist experienced in translating insights into long-term strategies that guide identity, messaging, and experiences across brand, digital, and user experience. The strategy team at Hyperakt works side by side with our team of designers, producers, and developers to conduct research and interviews, facilitate collective goal-setting and problem solving, and shepherd client relationships.

We’re looking for someone who is passionate about social impact and has the confidence and grace to take on vague and complicated challenges. Our strategists play a key role in helping Hyperakt define and evolve its design strategy practice, while growing and supporting key relationships, both with clients and the internal team.

Senior Designer

Hyperakt is looking for a Senior Designer with 4-6 years of UX/UI experience.

Over the past few years, Hyperakt has evolved from creating small, one-off microsites, to taking on complex organization websites and exploring the burgeoning landscape of highly interactive digital storytelling. More and more, our clients come to us looking for strategy and innovation to work in parallel with execution.

In this role, you will be key to creating and overseeing work that keeps Hyperakt ahead of the curve. You’ll help us define the way we approach our work and challenge us to constantly evolve and improve our practices. You thoughtfully consider clients’ goals and end users’ needs through a user-centered approach to design.

We are looking for leaders who are willing to put themselves out there, take risks, and create something new, fresh, and good for the world.