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JOB: WeWork NYC, Part-Time, Developer

NYU Developer

We are an interdisciplinary team of marketers, developers and intellectual property experts who are
passionate about arts and culture. We see opportunities to use technology to make it easier for
artists and museums to share and license works of art.
You will be our first dedicated engineer with a unique opportunity to take a leadership role. This is
a chance to build across a spectrum of accessibility and internet connectivity, presenting unique
engineering challenges. If you’re interested in art, intellectual property and the potential for smart
contracts, please read on!
Contract Management Web App
Tracking licensing requests and intellectual property restrictions has unique challenges.
We want users to be able to easily access and track their customers, incoming requests,
licensing history, and all the communication and sign offs that surround the art licensing
process to give better controls for rights holders. Working with the UX Design Lead,
you’ll bring wireframes to life for V1.
The web app needs to have the following capabilities:
● Login / Signup
● Two forms of verification:
○ Account verification – two-step mobile and/or email authentication
○ Profile verification – drivers license upload, physical mail with code, etc.
● Object data tracking
● Customer data tracking
● Contract management functionality
● Create custom status / rules
● Account roles (teams)
● Process tracking
● Communication history
Mobile App
The mobile app will compliment the web app for easy updates and status alerts. It needs
to have the following capabilities:
● Login / Signup
● Status / Tracking
● Filters
● Field / info scanning
● Messaging
Tech Stack Ideas
Web framework – node.js, Flask, Django
Front-end – Angular, React, Vue JS
Database – MySQL, Postgres, Mongo DB, Heroku
Host – Amazon AWS or (self-host with Apache, Nginx, Digital Ocean)
Project begins as soon as possible (end April/early May)
We are NYC based, and have work space available- work from home is also fine paid part-time freelance position, which we hope will turn into full-time.
Our office is at a WeWork here in NYC.
Richard O’Leary <>